What’s in our makeup bag this month!? Our “can’t live withouts”!

Hi Everyone!

Today we are going to share our  top “can’t live without!” makeup items.

FOUNDATION: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk
-Voted best foundation in 2013/2014
-This foundation holds true to its name; gives you beautiful, silky skin!
-Don’t let the price tag or scarcity scare you off; it’s definitely worth the investment!



MASCARA: Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll
-Not only is this mascara AMAZING, but due to the follicles’ adherent nature, it’s also good for sensitive eyes
-It lives up to its “babydoll” lashes name by adding major lash extension and extreme fullness

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HIGHLIGHTER: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Highlighter
-Apply this highlighter to the cupids bow, mid forehead, under eyes, and on the cheek bones.
-Yves Saint Laurent lighter will brighten your face from morning through the night.
-The “celebrity makeup artist must have” status is what it’s known for, and this lighter definitely lives up to the hype!

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LIPSTICK: NYX Matte Butter
-After searching high (Tom Ford’s $40 stick) and low for the best lighter-skintone-lipstick, the
$3.49 NYX matte lipstick in “butter” is our #1 pick!
-The matte finish is long lasting, highly pigmented, and the perfect subtle touch.
-NYX Matte Butter is the perfect neutral tone for someone with lighter skin who doesn’t want the “white lips” look. And let’s be honest, after this winter and rough spring start, there aren’t many women out there who aren’t suffering from a bit of “lighter skin.” Look out for what’s in our makeup bag next month! Fingers crossed the weather turns around, and it’s a lipstick to
emphasize those sunkissed lips!

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DIY high waist, cut off, studded/tie dye shorts!!

Hello our DIY Fashion Lovers!
Obviously this cold winter weather is getting to us; here is yet another post pertaining to summer. We’re going to give you a simple, doable tutorial on how to make your own pair of…get ready for it, this is a mouth-full…cut off, high waisted, studded, tie dye shorts! Here’s what you’re going to need:
-“Mom jeans”

First, buy yourself a pair of “mom” jeans. Goodwill is a terrific place to find a variety of broken-in jeans. Added bonus for our amateur DIYers and first time short crafters: the jeans usually run under $5, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different dyes, sizes, cuts, etc. Practice makes perfect! The jeans should be above your waist line and slightly baggy throughout the thighs.



STEP 1: Try the jeans on and mark appropriate short length with a pencil

STEP 2: Cut the jeans to the appropriate length

STEP 3: Pull the loose threads with pliers on the cut off part of the shorts to give them a frayed, distressed look.


If you wish to add a colorful flair to your shorts, use fabric dye (it can be purchased at any fabric store). I recommend doing this before studding the shorts. Don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative…even household products such a bleach can add a unique element to garments.

STEP 1: Follow directions on fabric dye box (it will provide you with a wet mixture ratio to make the dyes).

STEP 2: Dip the shorts into the dye as desired

STEP 3: Lay shorts onto trash bags to dry

get-attachmentget-attachment (2)









STEP 1: Lay the studs out on the shorts as desired and poke the sharp edge through the jeans.

STEP 2: Push the backs of the studs in with a hammer to secure them into the shorts

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As we said before, don’t be afraid to get a little crazy and experiment. Adding lace to the short cuffs, sewing on unique buttons, cover pockets with pieces of fabric, etc. are all ways to add a unique touch to your shorts and make them one of a kind! So there you have it 🙂 a sexy, cute, edgy pair of DIY high waist, studded cut-off shorts!

The 4 Step D.I.Y. Bow Crop

The 4 Step D.I.Y. Bow Crop

And now for a continuation of our previous beach/no shower happy hour theme…

Fourth of July was right around the corner. The stars, stripes, crops, and tanks that could be seen in literally every retailers’ window displays were becoming white, (red, & blue) noise. For the last five or six 4th’s, my outfits had been variations of the previous year. My friends and I had big plans in Sea Isle this year, and given that being scantily clothed is not only acceptable in that town, but encouraged, I decided to make my very own, one-of-a-kind, crop top. I broke down my sewing process into 4 basic steps, and within two hours, had created a masterpiece.

So here’s what you’ll need to create your bow top:

-Sewing Machine, the sewing basics (needle, pins, thread), 1-yard of fabric, 1/2 a foot of thick ribbon (doesn’t necessarily have to match the fabric), and a bandeau

The following measurements can be altered however you like, depending on how large (or small) you’d like the bow to be. As a frame of reference, I’m 5’0″, 92 pounds, and am a size 32-B.

1) First, I cut out two 16″ x 8″ rectangles of fabric. I set one on top of the other, pinned them together (with the design/front side of the fabric facing inward, towards each other). I sewed around the perimeter with my machine, leaving about 1-inch gap unfinished. Then, I turned the nearly-sewn rectangle right-side-out, (you feed the fabric through the gap you left unfinished) sewed up the 1-inch segment by hand using a blind stitch, and voila! You have a finished, roughly 15″ x 7″ rectangle of fabric. This will later be gathered in the center, and serve as the large part of the bow.

2) You then repeat the above steps with the same fabric. The two rectangular pieces will be smaller this time; they should measure roughly 12″ x 4″. Sew them together, flip the rectangle right-side-out, blind stitch, and you have your second rectangle! Once you have your two finished rectangular pieces, you are ready to attach them together to form the bow. Lay the larger piece out flat, and fold the smaller rectangular piece at roughly a 90-degree angle to create a downward-facing V.

3) Next, use your piece of ribbon to gather the two rectangles together, forming a bow. Add a few stitches to ensure that the bow is secure. You’re done the hardest part! Now you just have to affix the bow to a shirt, headband, or for this specific tutorial, a bandeau.

4) So here’s the last step! Lay out your bandeau, and place the bow on top. Secure the central part of the bow (the part being held together by the ribbon) to the front of the bandeau. Make sure this is extremely secure. As I mentioned, this bow crop is pretty tiny, but if you lose the bow and are just rocking a bandeau, you may be too scantily-clad even for Sea Isle. Also, it’s much too difficult to use a machine for this stitching, so I did this part by hand. After about 100 stitches, my bow was attached, and not going anywhere. The rest is up to interpretation. Add a few stitches here and there to taste, so that the bow poofs out to your liking and you’re done!

This is a cheap, easy, 2-hour project. The best part is, in a sea of red, white, and blue stars and stripes, my top was not only a nice contrast, but was homemade and 100% original. Happy sewing!

No Shower Happy Hour

No Shower Happy Hour
This summer we are so NOT over overalls…especially when thrown right over a swim suit, accessorized with sunglasses and a head-wrap to tame that beachy hair, and worn to no shower happy hour. Thanks, Polyvore, for the inspiration!

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